Dear Editor,

As you may be aware, the Saratoga County Airport has proposed three options for expanding the airport. This expansion has serious oppositions from the surrounding neighborhoods due to hundreds of people who will lose their homes and financial security.  One proposal, put forth as a “compromise” also seizes family homes, destroys even more acres of wildlife habitat. Finally, the “No Build” proposal includes the acquisition for several acres of homeowner property and is telling the newly renovated non-profit Gateway House of Peace (Hospice) they have to move.

A group of neighbors, from about 6 surrounding neighborhoods, have joined forces to stop this expansion. The goal is to make all neighbors aware of the potential devastating loss. We are trying to get as many neighbors together to attend the June 9, Building and Grounds Committee meeting at the County level to show our support in opposition to this expansion. The Town of Milton Supervisor, Dan Lewza is in strong opposition to this expansion as well.

We ask you to help us get our concerns published and in front of those who can make a difference.