Dear Supervisor ____________________________,

As a resident in the Town of Milton, we are uniformly opposed to ANY expansion of the runways at this small, rural community airport; this includes the “No Build” option. The airport was not intended to accommodate commercial jet traffic. There is a fully-equipped commercial airport 20 minutes away in Colonie and another just north of Schenectady.  It is not a hardship for aircraft unsuitable for our local accommodations to use Albany or Schenectady.  In fact, according to the Update Master Plan, Global Foundries is doing just that.

Hundreds of people will lose their homes and financial security under one of the expansion proposals.  Another proposal, put forth as a “compromise” also seizes family homes, destroys even more acres of wildlife habitat. Finally, the “No Build” proposal includes the acquisition for several acres of homeowner property and is telling the newly renovated non-profit Gateway House of Peace (Hospice) they have to move.

According to McFarland Johnson’s analysis, keeping the runways at their current length fulfills all FAA criteria (Draft Saratoga County Airport Master Plan Update, p 6-6) Despite airport managers’ statements, the runways are safe as is.  The request for extensions is driven by profits for the airport at the expense of the physical and economic safety of hundreds of families.

We know you have many county commitments, but it is important to us that you be at the June 9th Building and Grounds Committee meeting.  Your neighbors in the Town of Milton will be there.  Please help us save our family homes and neighborhoods and preserve our ecosystem, including an important federally protected Karner Blue Butterfly habitat by.  

We are uniformly opposed to ANY expansion of the runways at the Saratoga County Airport and this includes the “NO BUILD” option. We vote NO to all proposals.