On September 8, 2014 @ 3PM the Building & Grounds Committee is scheduled to vote on the remaining proposals of the Saratoga County Airport Master Plan. As you might already know, options "inside the fence" such as taxiways, fuel tanks and accommodations for gliders will be voted on, however, the highly controversial easements for property "outside the fence" remain part of this proposed plan.

Our message to the committee and Saratoga County is, please stop accepting funds from the FAA and other airport related grants; in doing so you are putting yourself on the hook to pursue easements. Words like "safety", "violation" and "obstructions" are being used to lure you into thinking there's a real problem that puts the airport at risk. It's not the sole responsibility of the FBO or airport to comply with safety, the pilots who land at the airport are responsible for their approach and for making smart decisions when conditions change.

Please show your support for our community and attend the Building & Grounds Committee meeting in the McMaster Street County building in Ballston Spa, this upcoming Monday, September 8, 2014 at 3PM. Make sure the committee knows you are still committed to no airport expansion.

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